I'm a dad. That's my job, and I love it. Aside from that, I'm a syndicated cartoonist, whose comic strips Candorville and Rudy Park (not to mention my editorial cartoons) appear on websites and in newspapers nationwide.  That's 17 cartoons per week (my mom was right, someday I would use math).


I'm also a storyboard artist. I've created storyboards for film, and when Anthony E. Zuiker wanted to pitch a new series, he asked me to help bring the story beats to life. I designed a retro sci fi world, complete with sleek ships, a domed city, and sinister aliens. Similarly, the producer of the upcoming "Soul Train" Broadway musical asked me to create the visual universe for his successful, amazing story pitch. The images will be published in a book about the pitch, probably around the time the musical debuts on Broadway in 2017. That's when I'll be able to post some of the images online (if you're interested in hiring me to bring the universe of YOUR story pitch to life, or to storyboard your project, contact me and I'll show you samples).